Hello.  My name is Teresa Morgan and I am an online student with the University of Southern Queensland (USQ).  I am enrolled in the Bachelor of Education (Primary) and I am currently in my third year.  With only four semesters of study left I am very eager, excited, and uncertain of the future as I come closer to reaching my goal.

I couldn’t have made it this far without the support, help and strength from my husband and two children.  My husband and I have been married for 13 years this year and our two children.  My daughter is 10 (turning 11), she is in year 5, and my son is 7 (turning 8 in just a few weeks) and is in year 3.  We are a close knit family and without their help, and the help of my extended family as well, I think I would have given up after my first semester.

I have always wanted to be a teacher and actually started my first degree as a stepping stone to getting into uni and becoming a music teacher.  Education and children have always been my passion.  I started in childcare 20 years ago and have worked in every aspect of the industry from assistant to Director.  It has been an amazing journey but it is now my time to move on to ‘big school’.  When I first started my degree in 2011 I was more than happy to stay within the age group where I felt most comfortable – the younger years.  However, after completing my second prac in a year 5 class with high needs, I have now decided that I would like to follow in the Middle Years path.  I learnt so much about myself, the students I was teaching, my teaching style and I just can’t imagine going into the younger year levels.

I have learnt so much about ICT’s throughout my course and really believe that I have some valuable tools in my teaching kit already, I am looking forward to learning more through this course.  I tend to get a bit panicky when it comes to trying new things with technology, however I set a goal for myself at the beginning of my degree to try at least one new technology each semester, so I guess with this semester I will be blogging my little heart out.  I might even be trying more than that.  I am an open book and believe that to be an effective teacher you need to be F.A.T – Flexible, Adaptable and Teachable.  This blog is designed to help document my progress through EDC3100 – ICTs and Pedagogy.  Now, lets see how F.A.T I am…’s going to be an adventure.

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