My blogging future.

I belong to a support group on Facebook of students who are currently enrolled in EDC3100 – ICT and Pedagogy.  This group has been my support, strength and shoulder to cry on over this semester.  Karen, a fellow student, has already mentioned a question that another peer had asked on this Facebook group – would we continue to blog after this course had finished.  Karen gave a great description of why people chose to blog and stated “after my break I might just find I will continue to blog. You never know? After all there is something to be said for the difference in wanting to and having to be a blogger.”  And I couldn’t agree more.

I have enjoyed blogging and I can’t wait to integrate this digital tool into my classroom.  I still have so much more I would like to learn and I am going to spend a good chunk of my holidays reading more from the Primary Tech blog that Kathleen Morris has written to help teachers set up a class blog.  If you are considering using a blog for you class, then might I suggest having a look over Kathleen’s blog.  She has some great ideas about how to start it and tools that you can utilise to be able to do so.

So for me I will keep on blogging my little heart out.  I may not write every week, but I will write.  I want to document my journey in becoming a teacher so that I can reflect back and look over some of the people who have touched my life during this time.


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  1. Great blog Teresa. I wonder if our blogs will make fascinating reading for our grand children in years to come as they may be interested to read of technology in this era.

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